mapaDO_riberadelduero.jpgD.O. TIERRA DE LEÓN


In 1985, a group of cooperatives and wineries belonging to the Valdevimbre-Los Oteros-Cea area, began the first steps to create a Professional Association of viticultors, elaborators and bottlers, whose main target was to get the Denomination of Origin for their wines.
In 1997, the right to use the "Vino de la Tierra" qualification was permitted.
For being very extensive, the geographical area of ​​the denomination has the influence of two rivers, Esla and Ceam, but he associated people of Ceam didn´t feel identify with the name "Valdevimbre - Los Oteros". In 2000, the Association was called the "Tierra de León" Wine Association.
In 2007, the denomination of the Origin was published. The area of ​​production is to the south of the region of Leon, is part of region of Valladolid and borders the region of Zamora and Palencia. The area of ​​production is 3,317 Km2.

D.O Established: 2007