In the more conducive DOC Rioja´s area to give the best wines, Tritium is based on 2011 in wich the project professional staff and friends  and  entrepreneurs  is  shaped  to  provide  high  quality  wines  to  the  most  demanding  international  clients.


 Tritium´story emerges from the vineyards and is wirtten from the vineyards too. They listen to the message sent by the land (the terroir). And the land talks about honest wines. Thanks to the expressiveness of Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha, they create caracter wines.
The  poetry  of  the  vine  thus  flies  to  a  glass  in  a  wine  trip  as  suggestive  as  the  best  of  the  literary  journeys.


After rejecting the construction of a new winery (their success in our short existence), Bodegas Tritium has decided to restore a hold of the sixteenth century, in the old part of ashtray.
A winery that has lake stone masonry, tino, trujal and a draft from 10 meters to 30 meters long. The demolition of damaged parts is already done, and in February the total reconstruction of the winery begins.
They aim to make a center of tourism, apart from making, aging and bottling for Tritium old vines. Within approximately six months to think centenarian vineyards offer tours, tastings, lunches, dinners, etc.. They will keep you informed and in the meantime you can see some photos of the winery as we are.
With a philosophy based on innovation and the constant search for quality, but always preserving the values of the region, Tritium uses old vines of the native variety Tempranillo to produce naturally fine wines with the Denomination of Origin Calificada Rioja.
All cares are few to achieve shift this expectations: respect for the land they have walked generations of winemakers, vintage made in boxes to preserve the value of this effort and a elaboration according to the times.


TRITIUM, white wine 2017
“Perfect for the refined palate”
D.O. Calificada Rioja
White wine, fermented in 300 litre barrels.
90% Viura, 10% Malvasía.

TRITIUM, roble 6 months 2016
A well-rounded wine – perfect for drinking on its own!
D.O. Rioja Calificada
Red wine, aged four months in American oak barrels
100% Tempranillo.

TRITIUM, crianza 2014

“A very exclusive wine!”
D.O. Calificada Rioja
Red wine, aged for 14 months in American and French oak barrels.
100% Tempranillo

TRITIUM, reserva 2013

“An exquisite choice”
D.O. Calificada Rioja
Red wine, aged for 18 months in 500 litre, French oak barrels.
100% Tempranillo