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In 2006, Manuel Castro and Javier Lázaro acquired 2½ hectares of vineyard with the goal of creating a vino de terruño (terroir wine) which would embody all the potential of the slatey local soil and the indigenous grape, Garnacha Tinta (Red Grenache).
Manuel is a renowned oenologist with years of experience in viniculture. He has always been focused on creating an outstanding, limited production signature wine which has been highly acclaimed both nationally and internationally.
In 2013, 0,4 new hectares of Garnacha are acquired and planted.
In 2015 Lajas becomes a family winery, owned by the family Castro-Laborda. Manuel, his wife Meritxell and their two small children start a new stage with many new and exciting projects.
All the vintages of LAJAS have achieved this high standard and are available as limited release wines.


The estate is located in the district of Acered, which lies within the D.O. appellation, Calatayud. It nestles right in the heart of the wild and beautiful sistema ibérico (Iberian mountain ranges) between the administrative areas of Calatayud and Daroca (Aragon).
The picturesque vineyard grows the local Garnacha (Red Grenache) grape and was planted in 1944 on a slate-covered hillside at an altitude of 1020 metres. The gradient is 17.5% and the orientation north-to-south.
The vineyard experiences a continental climate with very cold, dry winters and hot summers. Rainfall measurements vary between 300 and 400 millimetres per year.
Thanks to the climate and the mountainous terrain, no chemical treatments are needed and the vineyard is cultivated according to strict environmental protection guidelines in order to conserve native flora and fauna.


The grapes are picked by hand using 18kg crates and then placed in a refrigerated lorry in the vineyard, where they remain for 24 hours at 6°C until ready for de-stemming and crushing.
The wine next undergoes a pre-fermentation cold maceration for approximately 10 days to allow the must to become enfused with aromas of the terruño and the Garnacha.
In the next phase, the wine together with its pomace, ferments for 15 days at a maximum temperature of 27°C. After fermentation, there follow two more weeks of maceration before the wine is transferred to French oak barrels of varying sizes where malolactic fermentation will take place.
Afterwards, the wine is racked into second and third-year French oak barrels holding 400 or 500 litres.
There it remains for between 12 and 18 months depending on the character desired. Finally it ages for at least 10 months in bottle.


LAJAS, "Finca El Peñiscal", 2010

“An exceptional, marvellous vino de terruño (terroir wine)”
D.O. Calatayud
A signature wine. Very expressive. Limited release.
100% Old Vine Garnacha
Aged 15 months in 400 & 500 litre French oak barrels.

91 Puntos PARKER
93 Points PEÑIN
92 points VINOUS MEDIA

LAJAS, "Finca El Peñiscal", 2012

D.O. Calatayud
A signature wine. Very expressive. Limited reléase.

93 Points PEÑIN GUIDE 2016-2017
92 Points ROBERT PARKER. The Robert’s Parker Wine Advocate

LAJAS, "Finca El Peñiscal", 2014

"An interesting wine for a special meeting!"
D.O. Calatayud
A signature wine. Very expressive. Limited release.
100% Old Vine Garnacha
Aged 15 months in 400 & 500 litre French oak barrels.

93 Points PEÑIN GUIDE 2018