mapaDO_riberadelduero.jpgD.O. CAMPO DE BORJA



Since this area acquired DO status in 1980, it has been progressively building an identity of its own. Its wines are well-made, full-bodied and dense, with clear, fruity aromas.

While most production continues to be red wine, the number of crianzas is steadily increasing. Today, both red and rosé wines have won the respect of experts, and the intensely fruity, young reds are enjoying considerable commercial success. As a result, exports have doubled since 1995.

Campo de Borja’s best wines are made in temperature-controlled equipment that preserves the full measure of intensity and personality proffered by the grapes and climate. Dense and very fruity, they are strongest of the wines made in Aragon.

Ancient oak vats traditionally used for fermenting wines are still common in the labyrinthine cellars of the hill-villages. Nowadays, however, they are used only for storage and are slowly being replaced by concrete vats.

D.O Established: 1980