mapaDO_riberadelduero.jpgD.O. ARRIBES


In 1988, the first contacts were made with the Administration to get the Denomination of Origin. We needed to wait longer, until 1998, to get the qualifying "Vino de la tierra de Arribes del Duero".

This Association, after years of effort, was one of two areas of vitivinicola tradition located between Zamora and Salamanca and geographically linked by the river of Douro. In 2007, the Denomination of Origin Arribes was established.

They recognized the vitivinicola tradition in the area, the existence of the authoctonous minority varieties, and the reactivation of an area whose people continue to have keep their history alive by the cultivation of those vineyards in terraces and hictoric legacy of their ancestors.

D.O Established: 2007