mapa-DO-cava-calatayud.jpgD.O. CAVA


It is an agency out of the ministry of agriculture, foods and environment. It is made up of farmers, processors and representatives of the Comunidades Autónomas of the “Region of Cava” and the ministry.

The D.O. Cava history dates back to 1959, where cava is mentioned for the first time. The sparkling and aerated wines began to be regulated in 1969, so they are named the products of the D.O. Cava.

The Consejo Regulador for the sparkling wines was made similarly to that of the Denomination of Origin in 1972.

The “Region of the Cava” was established and delimited in 1986. So the Cava is protected in the EU and reconognized with sparkling wine quality and produced in a specific region.

D.O Established: 1986