HOLA!WINES is a company that specializes in exporting fine Spanish wines. Founded in 2013, we work with a group of wine producers from various Denominaciones de Origen and Vinos de la Tierra to position and market their wines abroad.
We promote and launch our wines in international markets where they are likely to be savoured and highly rated.


Belén Serrano and Cristina Aldea set up HOLA! WINES and are responsible for coordinating the exportation of wines produced by the group of bodegas (wineries).

They first joined forces in 2002 and between them have more than 15 years involvement in wine and export businesses.

Belén, who holds a degree in Business with specialisms in Financial Management and Marketing, has pursued her whole career in the wine industry and financial management. From her deep involvement in every aspect of wine company development she has gained an invaluable, practical understanding of the world of viniculture.

Cristina graduated in International Marketing before achieving a Masters degree in International Business Management. She then worked in export operations across a broad range of sectors before deciding to devote her energies to the wine industry. She is an experienced consultant who specialises in international sales and marketing.

Both share a passion for the wines they represent and a strong determination to bring them to the palates of appreciative customers. No matter where in the world they may be, HOLA!WINES aims to satisfy the needs of the customer who is looking for wines of real quality, wines from Spain… wines infused with the richness and character of their own terruño.


HOLA!WINES supplies top quality Spanish wines from bodegas run by producers and oenologists who are passionate about their craft. Thanks to their best efforts, we can offer customers the opportunity to enjoy superb wines of unique origin and character. These include a number of limited release wines and all are from small to medium sized bodegas. Behind their excellence are individuals and families, the rich soils of their terruño and a deep-rooted tradition of winemaking expertise.

We offer access to the produce of professional, artIsanal bodegas and their excellent, crafted Spanish wines, an attractive portfolio of complementary wines and the highest standards of professionalism and quality in our service.

We have, waiting for you, a range of “Pequeños Grandes Vinos” (Little-known Fine Wines) ready to be shipped for the enjoyment of the most discerning consumers, wherever they may be.


Our customers are international importers and distributors who deal in wines of quality, taking as much care as the producers themselves to ensure that the wine reaches the end consumer with all its freshness and taste.

We are fully committed to supporting our importers and the distribution network at all times.

We also participate in trade shows and other professional events, always maintaining close connections with our customers and seeking to develop and enhance the services we offer.